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FMCGlab helps you understand people
and connect  them with your product.
More aware than anyone else.
Our mission

Our mission is, to help our Partners to win the 1st place in the FMCG

e-commerce world.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that the future of shopping is starting now and  we can redefine the shopping experience, where costumers are able to buy the best fitting products, the fastest way possible, consciously every single time.


With our artificial intelligence solutions, we process the data related to customer activity and we enable to utilize the information.

Who are we


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Expose allows you to make measurable decisions, based on the context of the present, not on hypotheses from past data.

With our data analytics service, we not only display on real-time dashboards the performance of your products, but we also conduct specific researches, to help you with a better understanding of your customers.


Boost allows suppliers to find potential customers for their product.

Our Boost product line gives retailers and producers marketing tools, that truly bring a new dimension in connecting with customers. We make your campaigns more efficient and fully measurable, while converting the reached consumers into customers.

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How it works


We believe, that the world would be a better place if we could make more aware decisions about the common things in life.

Our mission is to create an FMCG marketplace where users can buy products that really meet their needs with the least amount of energy and money!

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Get in touch

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1119 Budapest, Pajkos utca 50.

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